Since last year, republicans have launched a campaign to get conservatives on school boards. This is the political party in the US who favors privatization of everything. They are sympathetic to giant corporations and champion #citizensUnited (which elevates corporations above humans). #Ohio has a large number of extremists intending to take school board positions.

I don’t get the impression #FOSS orgs like #FSF are paying attention. The FOSS movement stands to lose some ground here. #FreeSoftware in education is important and FSF does not even have a campaign for it on their website.

  • th3raid0rA
    234 months ago

    This article is ancient. We have more recent elections to go off of.

    And according to basically everything I can find, “Moms For Liberty” and related groups suffered major losses basically everywhere the last cycle.

    I’m not at all suggesting to not worry, after all, it’s worry that got us to ensure they didn’t win. But I am suggesting that your information is very out of date and that you should do a better job of finding recent points to support your claim.

    Also, I think this is off topic for this community and seems far more like political bait as some have pointed out.

    • @[email protected]
      44 months ago

      It’s too bad you can’t downvote posts on this community. It’s almost as though it would be valuable to reduce the visibility of bait posts with eye-catching headlines