once again speaking for myself here, except where these sentiments have already been expressed by other admins. this is not a moderator document or anything, and it will not be stickied.

we have a ton of new people thanks to clearing a lot of our queue and i’m already seeing a bunch of the same issues we had to quash a week/two weeks ago with the first big influx. so, to reiterate:

we (the Admins) are four people, only two of which have actual experience running or maintaining anything in the same universe of what we’re managing now. running this instance is not–and cannot be–a full time job for any of us and our insistence is that it doesn’t become one. full-time working on this site would be financially and socially ruinous. if just us four admins were being paid a fair wage for the work we do, our Open Collective would barely cover the last two weeks. in any case we are not the only people working on this site and worthy of being paid.

we cannot currently (and may not in the future either, to be honest with you) accommodate a lot of what you might think we’re able to do, or expect because Reddit had it either through an app or the base function of the site. this is moderationally, federationally, and technically. neither i nor the other admins have the requisite experience with coding to contribute to the site, and we already have a ton of bug fixes to wrangle that have given our volunteer sysops fits. most of your issues are probably caused by and better referred to Lemmy itself than to Beehaw itself. i would strongly encourage you also post them to either [email protected] or the software’s GitHub if you think it’s a general functionality problem. in general: we cannot refer your issues elsewhere right now, you will need to do that yourself.

Lemmy, i want to stress again, has very limited base functionalities, many of which our admins and sysops are trying to work around. those constrain us in what we can do or how. a lot of options we have at our disposal to make stuff run are binary, and a lot of the not-binary options are confusing. we have had to hack around a lot of these while waiting on permanent solutions in Lemmy itself. this is our current list of moderator functionalities we’d like to see.

we also cannot be perfect, and if you’re expecting perfect then i don’t know what to tell you. you are on what is basically beta software, being hosted and supported by volunteers. right now, we absolutely and simply cannot promise much of anything past “the site is online and moderated in accordance with our values.” if you can’t hang with that caveat i would strongly encourage you to please go somewhere else, for your own sake.

  • th3raid0rA
    9 months ago

    Don’t forget to take it easy from time to time.

    I think us Admins/Instance Owners could benefit from a sort of social federation ourselves. A sort of collection of trusted people and organizations who share similar visions of what an online community should be. Early in this platform such connections could serve as sources of advice, help, solidarity as we venture into uncharted territory.