I posted far more details on the issue then I am putting here-

But, just to bring some math in- with the current full-mesh federation model, assuming 10,000 instances-

That will require nearly 50 million connections.

Each comment. Each vote. Each post, will have to be sent 50 million seperate times.

In the purposed hub-spoke model, We can reduce that by over 99%, so that each post/vote/comment/etc, only has to be sent 10,000 times (plus n*(n-1)/2 times, where n = number of hub servers).

The current full mesh architecture will not scale. I predict, exponential growth will continue to occur.

Let’s work on a solution to this problem together.

  • th3raid0rA
    39 months ago

    I’ll be the odd one out and say I support this model but for other reasons than the technical limitations and scaling problems involved. For me it’s more about trying to establish a tighter ring of trust and enable easier user onboarding as the hub could serve as the primary identity store for users on multiple instances.

    I mentioned it in some chat earlier, but I think that the moderation model, goals, and philiosophy serves as an excellent starting point for like-minded communities to build out the hub-and-spoke. It would also give them greater flexibility in maintaining the health of their corner of the fediverse by centralizing identity with them.

    This model would, of course, not stop others from creating their own hub and spoke and would break apart the fediverse a bit, so I suppose there should be a way for “hubs” to talk to eachother in a way that resembles what we have now.

    From a blocking bad actors standpoint (I’m still upset about Captcha getting removed even if it’s a technically inferior solution), it would be far easier to have fewer hubs to need to blacklist/whitelist than having to do it for each individual instance.

    I guess to go a bit further, if Lemmy could support both “modes” (as in it can be configured to be hub and spoke as either the hub or spoke, as well as retain the existing functionality for those who don’t want a hub) that would be ideal.