• th3raid0rA
    76 months ago

    As somebody with autism. I find this take lacking nuance. You see for me these tools represent a huge leap and accessibility for me. I can turn a wall of stream of consciousness text into something digestible and represents myself.

    I find myself constantly exhausted with the societal expectation that I review, edit, and adjust my own speech constantly. And these tools go a long way to helping me actually communicate.

    I mean, after all nothing changes for me. People thought of me as a robot before. And I guess they can continue to think I’m still a robot. I’ve stopped giving a crap about neurotypical expectations.

    • BumbleTumbleGirl
      36 months ago

      I think they laid out their thoughts pretty well and in a good number of situations it works, but like most things it depends on the situation, if someone gets mad at you for using an AI and you explain to them that it’s a great tool to help communicate your thoughts in a way that is more easily digestible due to whatever personal factors and they are STILL upset then the problem isn’t AI the problem is that they are an asshole.