• th3raid0rA
    46 months ago

    I mean I take a less extreme take. But I definitely resonate. As somebody with autism, it’s really nice to have an impartial chat assistant to turn my stream of consciousness wall of text into something far more digestible. Trying to do so myself often takes hours to construct a message a couple paragraphs long. Where I checked and double check and triple check for anything that might offend somebody or come across strange or not flow well. Etc etc etc.

    A lot of these articles don’t really investigate the accessibility aspect of these tools. And I really wish they did. I know if one of my friends used chatgpt to help with their messages, I would be completely fine with it.

    • @[email protected]
      16 months ago

      Yeah! I think there’s a big difference between checking out from the interaction emotionally and just saying some plausible nonsense, and finding easier ways to communicate what you do want to say. Those are really different things. I think only the people within that relationship can really tell the difference. It depends on the dynamic. If someone is dismissive or distant in general, this would bother me, but if they were just using it to more easily converse with me, it wouldn’t.